Quest Diagnostics Lab Appointments: What to Know

Photo Courtesy: Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images

Many of us get routine lab work done once a year as part of our annual physical. You may also sometimes need blood tests to check for specific problems, like an allergy or vitamin deficiency. And chances are, you may have had one of these lab appointments through Quest Diagnostics. 

With 50 million tests performed each year, Quest Diagnostics is a leading provider for lab testing across the United States and other countries. According to the company, about one in three Americans uses their services each year. So today, we’re exploring what testing and services Quest Diagnostics provides and how you can book and prepare for an appointment.

Quest Offers Many Different Test Options

Quest offers thousands of tests and screening options to check for different health conditions. This includes tests related to everything from chronic diseases and allergies to the flu and COVID-19

There are two simple ways to get tested through Quest Diagnostics. Your doctor can order a lab test for you through Quest, or you can purchase a test yourself through a service called QuestDirect. This option allows you to bypass the doctor’s visit and order tests on your own. 

But it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before ordering tests. That way, you can avoid paying for tests you may not really need. And your doctor can also help you understand the results and make a plan for any treatment you may need.

How to Find a Location and Book an Appointment

Whether you get a request for lab work from Quest from your doctor or purchase one through QuestDirect, you’ll have to book an appointment at one of the company’s locations. Quest Diagnostics has almost 2,300 locations throughout the United States. The organization also works with other labs, hospitals and clinics across the world to provide testing. 

You can easily find a location near you by using the company’s location search option on its website. You just select the type of test and then enter your zip code to find the closest location to you. Then you select an available day and time for your appointment and provide your contact and insurance information. 

To help manage your appointment (and schedule others in the future), Quest Diagnostics has an online tool called MyQuest. Once you create your account, you’ll be able to access information about your lab appointment online and see your results when they’re ready. The tool also tracks your different test results over time. MyQuest also allows you to access your family’s health records through a feature called My Circle.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment at Quest Diagnostics

Once you have your appointment set, you may also receive directions from Quest on how to prepare for your appointment. You will likely be asked to bring your photo ID and proof of insurance. You should also have a form of payment ready. Even if your doctor ordered your tests, you may still have a copay. 

Depending on what tests you’re getting, you may need to take steps to prepare. For example, you may need to fast — that means that you can’t eat or drink anything but water for some time before the test. You may also have to avoid certain foods or habits (like smoking) as well as certain medicines or supplements that could impact your results. Before your test, you can always confirm with Quest or your doctor exactly how you should prepare.