United Healthcare: Golden Rule Insurance, Explained

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Golden Rule is technically the same as UnitedHealthcare. However, initially, Golden Rule Insurance Company was a health insurance provider based in Indianapolis and operating in 40 states across the United States and the District of Colombia. This was until 2003 when it was purchased and became part of UnitedHealthcare. The expertise brought by the insurance provider is a critical component of the UnitedHealthcare brand, helping underwrite family and individual insurance plans.  

What Is UnitedHealthcare: Golden Rule?

UnitedHealthcare: Golden Rule is a consolidation between a healthcare provider and a health insurance provider. In other words, whereas UnitedHealthcare is a dedicated healthcare provider that seeks to simplify the healthcare experience, address consumer health and social issues, and improve access to quality care, Golden Rule Insurance Company is a health insurance provider that specializes in family and individual insurance policies. 

The merger seeks to create a more connected, aligned, and affordable healthcare system for all. UnitedHealthcare: Golden Rule has seen the emergence of flexible and cost-effective temporary health insurance options, filling a huge gap left by existing insurance providers. 

How To Log into Golden Rule

UnitedHealthcare has a dedicated portal for logging into Golden Rule. First, you go to UnitedHealthcare One Golden Rule website. Click “Sign In” and then click “Sign In: Select Member Portal.” If you’ve already signed up with or purchased a product from Golden Rule, you can log in by clicking the product. You’ll be redirected to a page requiring you to insert your username and password once you click the product.

Is There a UnitedHealthcare One Golden Rule App

Sadly, UnitedHealthcare One Golden Rule doesn’t have a dedicated app. However, the umbrella company, UnitedHealthcare Group, has a powerful telemedicine solution known as HealthiestYou. The app lets you: 

  • See a doctor 24/7
  • Save money
  • Compare prices
  • Seek expert medical opinion 
  • Search for a provider 
  • Connect with your insurance 

The app is available on App Store and Google Play Store. HealthiestYou lets you access care wherever you are with just a tap, whether you’re at home, school, work, or traveling. 

What Does UnitedHealthcare One Golden Rule Cover?

UnitedHealthcare One Golden Rule offers a wide array of health insurance plans for individuals and families across the United States. Some of these products are only offered in certain states. So, it’s important to ascertain whether a certain insurance plan is offered in your state before purchasing. These coverages include: 

  • Accident insurance 
  • Critical illness 
  • Supplemental indemnity 
  • Life insurance 
  • Dental insurance 
  • Vision insurance 
  • Health insurance 

How To Cancel My Golden Rule UnitedHealthcare Insurance 

Canceling UnitedHealthcare: Golden Rule insurance is simple. It is only a five-step process that can take just under five minutes depending on your case. 

  1. Dial (800) 926-7602 to connect with the customer service 
  2. Request to speak with a live agent 
  3. Provide your policy number and customer details 
  4. Ask to cancel your policy along with recurring payments 
  5. Check your inbox for a confirmation mail

Please note that you cannot cancel your subscription through email. Hold times may be long but you can only cancel your subscription through the phone. Also, when canceling your plan, request a confirmation number and put it somewhere safe if a future need arises.