The 5 Best Hearing Aid Brands

Photo Courtesy: Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Signia, Widex

The inability to hear correctly is frustrating, and it can interfere with your ability to work, perform daily tasks and possibly even live independently. Unfortunately, approximately 48 million people in the United States deal with some type of hearing loss. If you’re one of them, a quality hearing aid can literally change your life. You just have to know which brand to trust. Here are five of the best hearing aids on the market.

1. Oticon

The Denmark hearing aid brand Oticon dates all the way back to 1904, and the company is still going strong. In fact, it created the first digital hearing instrument in the world as well as the first dual-wireless hearing aid. Today, the company’s motto is “People first,” as it strives to create hearing aid devices that fit naturally and work effortlessly for each individual’s needs. The company’s products are on the more expensive side, but they’re some of the top hearing devices available in the world.

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2. Phonak

If your child suffers from hearing loss, Phonak may be the brand you turn to, as it’s known for its work with children’s hearing aids. The company even creates products for teachers and students to use in the classroom. Its motto is “Life is on,” which is consistent with its goal of creating products that reduce limits and barriers for those with hearing loss. Some of the brand’s innovative products include the CROS Hearing Aid, which increases hearing for people who are deaf in one ear, and Lyric, a hearing aid made for extended wearing. The company has been based in Zurich since 1947.

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3. Starkey

Starkey, which was founded in 1967, has the distinction of being the only hearing aid company based in the United States. It’s known for philanthropy and its commitment to bringing hearing aids into the 21st century. Every time someone purchases a Starkey product, the company makes a donation to its own hearing foundation. So far, the brand has donated over a million hearing aids to people in need around the world. “Hearing is our concern” is Starkey’s motto, and one of its most noteworthy products is the Halo, which was one of the first hearing aids for the iPhone.

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4. Signia

Based in Singapore, Signia’s roots date all the way back to 1878 when the company opened under the name Siemens. The Signia brand didn’t emerge until 2016. The company’s first product was actually a telephone that helped those who suffered from hearing loss hear phone conversations. It also developed the first hearing aid that rested behind the ear. Signia’s motto is “Life sounds brilliant,” and it strives to create products that are both stylish and high-tech. For example, the Styletto redefines the way the traditional hearing aid looks with its graceful lines. The company also introduced the first waterproof hearing aid to the world.

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5. Widex

The family-owned Widex brand is based in Denmark and has been creating hearing aids since 1956. In the years since it’s become one of the most innovative brands on the market. The company created the first complete digital in-the-ear hearing aid, and the Widex Evoke is the world’s first smart hearing aid. Every time you use it, it gathers data to create a more personalized experience. The company, which sells its products in over 100 countries, has a reputation for leading the industry with hearing aids that pick up high-definition sound, especially in complicated environments.

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