How To Use Quest Diagnostics Online Scheduling

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Few things in life are as satisfying as receiving swift, convenient, and quality health service today. Pre-scheduled appointments help you achieve this goal and it’s the likes of Quest Diagnostics that best understand this. With the lab’s online scheduling plan, you no longer have to wait for hours to be attended to. Instead, you have the power to determine when and where to schedule an appointment. 

What is Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics is a leading American clinical laboratory currently operating in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. It brings together quality, speed, and technology to power advanced and affordable diagnostics for all. 

How Do I Schedule an Appointment with Quest Diagnostics?

Scheduling an appointment with Quest Diagnostics is easy and fast. It is a simple five-step process that can help you make an appointment at a nearby Quest Diagnostics location. They include: 

  1. Log on to the website, find, and click the “Make an appointment” option or follow this link and you’ll be directed to an appointment setup page. From there, click “Schedule Appointment” to proceed. 
  1. A web page resembling the image below will appear on your screen. From here, select “All Other Tests” and then click “Continue” 
  1. A screen will appear requiring you to type out an address of a nearby or preferred location. You can insert a zip code, city, or your home address and the site will populate nearby Quest Diagnostics locations and dates for you to choose and that location’s availability. 

The site can give you multiple providers that you can choose from, but ensure you stick with Quest Diagnostics locations. Once you type in your address, a screen similar to the image below should appear. Click on your preferred location based on the availability of slots as per your date and click “Continue”

  1. You will be redirected to a screen similar to the screenshot below, requiring you to fill out your personal information or that of the person being tested. Fill in the details and then select “The person being tested does not have health insurance” if you’ve already paid through other options. 

If you have insurance, select “I’ll save time and provide it now” and click “Continue” to fill out your insurance details. Alternatively, you can skip the process by selecting “The person being tested will bring it to the appointment” 

  1. You’ll be redirected to a page where all you have to do is verify whether the information provided is correct, select “Schedule Appointment” and you’re set. 

Please note that you must print your lab slip for your appointment as you’ll need it. 

Does Quest Diagnostics Take Walk-Ins?

At Quest Diagnostics, some locations accept walk-ins, but appointments do take priority. Other locations only accept appointments. So, you’re safer making that online appointment. 

How Do I Confirm My Quest Diagnostics Appointment?

Once you’ve verified your details and scheduled your appointment from the process above, a confirmation is sent to your email or text. That’s how you confirm your appointment with Quest Diagnostics. 

How Do I Contact Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics has excellent customer service. You can email or call them with questions or comments based on your area of interest as per their customer service page